Burnaby high school students optimistic about their second pandemic summer 

Another summer in quarantine? Or a busting out, finally post-vaccination, after over a year of pandemic blues? 

For these Burnaby teens looking forward to summer, the future is uncertain but looking better. 

Responsibility and awareness is necessary, says Lemar Abdul-Ali, grade 11 student from a Burnaby highschool — this is the key to a ‘close to normal’ summer.

“Summer’s gonna be ‘lit’ but we’re still supposed to be responsible and follow the guidelines,” Abdul-Ali stated.

According to Abdul-Ali, he is planning to stay on-track on his fitness journey throughout the 2-month span, while staying safe and following the restrictions. “I’m planning to stay active throughout the summer, play basketball and soccer, go to the gym, and bulk up to 150lbs,” he said.

Lastly, Abdul-Ali voiced out his concerns when asked to voice his remarks on people who don’t follow the safety protocols, saying:

“We’re all trying to get a good summer so everyone should be aware and abide by the rules. We all have grandparents and elders that we care about and we don’t want them to get the virus right? So, basically if you are planning to go out with your friends, take extra caution.”

Image Credit: Wikimedia/Todd Quackenbush

Published by Row Berto Diaz

Writer for 8forty.ca

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